Never miss a call again with shared numbers.  This feature is coming soon to OpenPhone and we're so excited that we are going to tell you right now exactly how it's going to benefit you and your team! 🎉

You'll have the ability to share 1 number on several devices (mobile, laptop or desktop). Why is this important? Imagine teaming up on customer communications and sharing responsibility for your phone number with your team members. You don't have to do it all yourself anymore!

This way, one number can be used for many cases and team types: you can have one support number, an inbound sales number, a main number for the company - there are tons of different ways to use it.

Shared numbers are priced the same as our current plan: $10/month per user. No funny business there.

Here's how it's going to work:

  1. Your team members install the OpenPhone on their device (iOS or Android) or via the web app if working from desktop or laptop.
  2. When you get incoming calls, the app will ring for everyone and the first person to pick up stops ringing for others and you can place concurrent calls so the line is never busy.
  3. All text messages and call notifications are synced so you know if a conversation was opened
  4. You can assign conversations. Ultimately, you and your team members won't respond to the client twice or forget to respond to a conversation.
  5. Full visibility - Your business address book is up to date across all devices instantly so if your team member adds the name of a client to your business address book, you'll have it on your app automatically ⚡️

It's that easy!  Want early access? We can't blame you. Fill out the survey below to get on the list:

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