Now isn't a good time to respond?  That's okay!  Marking a conversation as "unread" can act as a reminder to respond to a text later on in the day, whether it's better for you, or your client.

How to from your mobile device:

  1. Launch the OpenPhone app from your cellphone.
  2. It should take you right to your inbox.  If not, go to Inbox by tapping the “Home” icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select the message you would like to mark as “Unread” so you don’t forget to check it out later by swiping to your right.
  4. There, you’ll see a text bubble icon. Select this icon to mark your conversation as “Unread”. 
  5. Once selected, you’ll see a white number inside a little blue bubble to the right of your message.  This indicates how many unread messages you have from your contact. This is your little reminder!
  6. To mark the conversation as “Read”, simply open the message or, follow Steps 3-4.

You can also see this article here for more information on how to see your filtered conversations on the mobile app.

How to from the web app:

  1. Launch the OpenPhone web app
  2. You will see "Unread" at the top with your other inboxes.  Those are your conversation folders
  3. In the chat box to the left, you will see a 🗨 speech bubble symbol. Select the speech bubble to mark conversations as "unread"

That’s it!  Now you’ll never forget to respond to any important messages.  Again. 🤦‍♀️

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