Signing up for OpenPhone and getting your dedicated phone number very simple:

1 - Go to OpenPhone.

2 - Enter your email address and click "Continue". You'll be sent a 6 digit code to your email. Please enter this code then click continue.

3 - You'll be asked to confirm whether this number is for Work or Personal use.

4 - We'll automatically assign you a number, but you're more than welcome to pick any local US, Canadian, or toll-free number. To choose a different number, click "Pick a different number"

5 - Once you've selected your number, you'll be asked to verify your account with a phone number.

6 - Once verified, enter your credit card information (you won't be charged until day 7 and can cancel anytime)

7 - That's it! You're ready to use either the OpenPhone web app or Mac App. You can also download the iOS and Android apps in the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

If you have any issues or questions at all, reach out to [email protected] We'd be happy to help!

PS - Don't have the app yet? Use the link below to install it and get started.

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