Losing Internet access is no fun, but we've got you covered. 

If you lose Internet access, this will happen:

  • You'll see a "No Internet Connection" message in the OpenPhone app so that you're informed
  • You'll be able to access all previous messages and call history 
  • You won't be getting calls or messages until you restore your Internet connection, unless you have carrier calling enabled.

With carrier calling, we're able to route your incoming calls through your phone network rather than Internet.

Here's more about how it works: https://help.openphone.co/using-openphone/how-to-use-your-carrier-network-for-incoming-calls 

Once you get Internet access again:

  • You'll get a missed call notification (if you received a call while you were offline)  
  • If your caller left a voicemail, you will receive it (both the audio file and the transcription)
  • We will deliver any text and picture messages you received while offline

And don't worry, if you leave your wifi network (for example, walk out of your office while on a call), we will switch you to your data plan seamlessly, with no interruptions. Just make sure your data plan is active. 

Enjoy OpenPhone! 🙌

PS - Have any questions? Don't hesitate to send us a note at [email protected] We love hearing from you! 

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