When you use OpenPhone, you no longer have to guess whether an incoming call is business or personal.

This way, instead of a simple "hello", you can respond to OpenPhone incoming calls with a professional greeting that makes you look and sound good. 

So when using the mobile app, how do you know that a call is for business?

  • The OpenPhone app will display a special call screen that will help you distinguish between an OpenPhone call and a call to your personal phone carrier.
  • If it's listed as an "OpenPhone Audio" call and includes the OpenPhone app icon, it's from OpenPhone.
  • If you have multiple OpenPhone numbers, you can easily distinguish which number is ringing. In the example below, our "Primary" line is receiving the call.
  • If you have the caller in your address book, you'll see their name as well.

Now when you pick up this call you can state the name of your company to impress your customers and show them you mean business. 💼 

When using the web or desktop app, all calls will (obviously) be OpenPhone calls. Want to see what that looks like?

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