Besides text messaging (SMS), OpenPhone offers picture messaging (MMS) to help you get your point across easier and more effectively.

You can send your customers pictures of your latest products / arrivals, show off your work and physical space, send helpful screenshots to explain something. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works.

Web and Mac app:

  1. Click the 📎 icon next to the message
  2. Upload an image

The iOS or Android App:

  1. Click the 🖼 icon in your messaging thread
  2. Take a photo or upload an existing photo from your library

You can also copy and paste your image directly into the conversation.

That's it!

Please note: if you have a toll-free number with OpenPhone, you won't be able to receive picture messages. More information about this here

Do you have further questions? Email us at [email protected] or call / text 1 855 746 6304

We're here to help and love hearing from you.

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