With OpenPhone you get a dedicated phone line exclusively for your business. 

Here are the details of the OpenPhone "Pro" subscription

Key Features:

  • Unlimited talk, text and picture messaging (MMS) to any US and Canadian numbers for you and all your team members
  • Find the perfect local or 1-800 number to share with your team 
  • Email and Slack integrations
  • Record your calls on the web app at the touch of a button and save them to your computer for easy review of your business interactions
  • Voicemail transcription - voicemail is texted to you along with the audio file. You can easily share it with a partner or team
  • Set your business hours + dedicated after-hours voicemail to direct callers to
  • When you need some uninterrupted time, direct callers to voicemail for 1, 2, or 4 hours. Done for the day? Turn off your business phone until the morning. Or go “away” for the weekend with a tap of a button
  • You can forward your incoming OpenPhone calls to another number
  • Your OpenPhone number works anywhere you go in the world
  • OpenPhone works through an app on your Android, iOS phones and tablets
  • 7 days of free trial, cancel anytime
  • After 7 days free, it's $10/ per user, per month for unlimited talk & text and all features listed above. Want to add another number? They're $5 each/per month.

Key "Teams" Features:

  • You can forward your incoming OpenPhone calls to another team member
  • Assign, un-assign and reassign numbers to your teams members
  • Share a number with all or select members on your team
  • Get private numbers dedicated for each of your team members
  • Record and manage a dedicated professional voicemail greeting for yourself, your shared business line and separate voicemail greetings for each of your team members
  • Full customer support via text & email 

Not an individual or a small team? Don't worry, we have plans for companies, too. Visit our pricing page for more details and exciting features!

Are you considering OpenPhone and have further questions? Send us a note. We'd love to help!

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