With OpenPhone you get a dedicated phone line exclusively for your business, powerful features that help you communicate more effectively and most importantly save time and earn more money.

Here are the details of the OpenPhone "Pro" subscription:

  • Find the perfect local or 1-800 phone number for your business (Porting an existing number? We'll take care of it for you!)
  • Unlimited talk, text and picture messaging (MMS) to any US and Canadian numbers
  • Record your calls on the web app at the touch of a button and save them to your computer for easy review of your business interactions
  • Record and manage a dedicated professional voicemail greeting 
  • Voicemail transcription - voicemail is texted to you along with the audio file. You can easily share it with a partner or team
  • Set your business hours + dedicated after-hours voicemail to direct callers to
  • When you need some uninterrupted time, direct callers to voicemail for 1, 2, or 4 hours. Done for the day? Turn off your business phone until the morning. Or go “away” for the weekend with a tap of a button
  • You can forward your incoming OpenPhone calls to another number
  • Your OpenPhone number works anywhere you go in the world
  • OpenPhone works through an app on your Android, iOS phones and tablets
  • Speaking of iOS, we’re always adding new and exciting features for the iOS app.  Your inbox is organized better with new filters, visual details, search features and push notifications.
  • 7 days of free trial, cancel anytime
  • After 7 days free, it's $10/month for unlimited talk & text and all features listed above
  • Customer support via, text & email 

Have a team or a company? We have plans for you too. Visit our pricing page for more details and exciting features!

Are you considering OpenPhone and have further questions? Reach out to [email protected], we are happy to help.

We hope you enjoy OpenPhone! 

PS - Don't have the app yet? Use the link below to install it and get started.

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