Why limit yourself to 1 phone number if you can have two or more? 

Whether it's having a separate number for sales and support or serving customers in different cities or states, we've got you covered! 

How much do additional phone numbers cost?

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We've created it specifically to be affordable and grow with your needs.

  • Each OpenPhone user is $10/month and comes with access to 1 phone number. This means that 4 people sharing 1 phone number is $40/mo just as 4 people having 4 individual numbers is $40/mo.
  • Additional numbers on the account are $5/mo per assignment. This means that a second phone number for 1 person is $5/mo and a second number for a team of 3 people to share is 3 * $5 = $15/mo
  • If you're adding a new phone number in the middle of your subscription period, we prorate the new number's charges. This way, you're not paying full price for only a partial service period.

How to add a phone number to your OpenPhone account:

  1. Go to the OpenPhone web app
  2. Select "Phone Numbers" under the Organization section
  3. Select "+ Add a new number"
  4. Choose the city or area code you would like to see numbers for. If you want a toll-free number, there is an option for that as well.
  5. Select your number

Here's what this looks like in action:

That's it!

You now have two (or more) numbers in your OpenPhone account. For each number, you should be able to customize number-specific voicemails, business hours, auto-replies, and more.

Need to distinguish which number is receiving a call? We put together this guide to teach you how to name your phone numbers.

Note: If you are subscribed to OpenPhone through Apple or Google Play, you won't be able to add a number via the web app. We'll need to move you over to online credit card payments. Don't worry - it's easy. Reach out to us [email protected] and we'll help you out!

Changed your mind on a phone number and want to delete it? All good! How to delete your OpenPhone number

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