Why limit yourself to 1 phone number if you can have two or more? 

Whether it's having a separate number for sales and support or serving customers in different cities or states, we've got you covered! 

How to add a phone number to your OpenPhone account

  1. Go to the OpenPhone web app
  2. Select "Phone Numbers" under "Settings"
  3. Click "+ Add a new number"
  4. Choose the city or area code you would like to see numbers for. If you want a toll-free number, there is an option for that as well.
  5. Select your number

You can search by the city name, area code, and whether you'd like a toll-free number.

That's it! You now have multiple numbers in your OpenPhone account. For each number, you will be able to customize number-specific voicemails, business hours, auto-replies, and more. You can also set an emoji (symbol) for your number so you can easily distinguish it from the other numbers.

How much do additional phone numbers cost?

  • Each OpenPhone user comes with 1 phone number assignment out of the gate. For each additional phone number assignment, it's $5/user/mo.
  • If you're adding a new phone number in the middle of your subscription period, we prorate the new number's charges. This way, you're not paying full price for only a partial service period.

⭐️ Note: If you're paying OpenPhone through Apple or Google Play, you won't be able to add an additional number yourself. We'll need to move you over to credit card payments. Don't worry - it's easy. Email [email protected] and we'll help you out!

Changed your mind about a phone number and want to delete it? All good! How to delete your OpenPhone number.

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