You can team up on customer communications and share responsibility for your phone number with your team members. You can share 1 number on 2 devices.

Here's how it works currently:

  1. Your team members install the OpenPhone app on their devices (iOS or Android)
  2. You share your login credentials with them and they login to the shared account (don't worry, you can reset your password if you're not comfortable sharing the password you originally set)
  3. When you get incoming calls, the app will ring for everyone and the first person to pick up stops ringing for others
  4. You can place concurrent calls so the line is never busy
  5. All text messages and call notifications are synced so you know if a conversation was opened
  6. Your business address book is up to date across all devices instantly so if your team member adds the name of a client to your business address book, you'll have it on your app automatically ⚡️

We understand that the method of sharing login credentials works for sharing with several people and isn't ideal for bigger teams. We're working on introducing more advanced team sharing capabilities. 

If you have any thoughts or feedback on how you'd like to share a phone with your team, please send us a note as we'd love to better understand your needs - [email protected] 

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