With carrier calling, OpenPhone uses your current phone plan rather than Internet. This means you get the same quality and reliability as with your personal mobile number.

  1. Launch OpenPhone app -> Go to Preferences
  2. Route incoming calls via carrier
  3. Link your personal phone number. Don't worry, your callers never see your personal number! 
  4. Enable caller ID -> give OpenPhone access to your contacts. This way you'll know when incoming calls are for business or personal and who is calling

That's it! Want to see it in action?

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Carrier calling is supported on OpenPhone for iOS. It's not supported on Android yet.
  2. We don't support using carrier network for outgoing calls just yet. Outgoing calls will use your Internet connection.
  3. If you're sharing the responsibility for the phone with a partner or team, don't use carrier calling since your OpenPhone number can only be linked to 1 phone number.
  4. You can link OpenPhone to another US or Canadian phone number. If your personal phone number isn't US or Canadian, use Internet calling.

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