If you'd like to use your existing Skype phone number with OpenPhone, we'll be happy to port it for you for free.

Please note: OpenPhone works with US and Canadian phone numbers. This means, we'll be able to port US and Canadian Skype numbers.

Here 2 things we need to submit your Skype port request:

  1. Send your latest Skype invoice including your Skype number to [email protected].
  2. We'll send you a quick form to sign. It'll authorize us to port your number to OpenPhone. We'll email you this form to sign digitally - no need to print and scan. 

That's it!

Want to learn more about how porting works? Check out our full guide - How to port your current phone number to OpenPhone

Ready to port? Send us your latest invoice and we'll get to work. 💪

Don't have an OpenPhone account yet? Get started for free today!

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