If you'd like to use your existing Google Voice G Suite phone number(s) with OpenPhone, we'll be happy to port them for you for free.

To port out the numbers, you'll need to get a PIN for your phone number(s).

Here's how to get your port out PIN:

  1. Go to Apps > G Suite > Google Voice > Service Management.
  2. On the left, click Number porting.
  3. At the top of the Number porting page, click Port-out info.
  4. In the Port-out info window, you can see your 10-digit PIN
  5. Click Copy to copy the PIN to your clipboard.
  6. To change the PIN, click Edit and enter a new PIN. The PIN must be 4–10 digits long. Note: if you change the PIN while the porting process is happening that'll result in a rejection.

Once you get your PIN, go ahead and submit this 1-minute form. We'll get to work. 💪

Want to learn more about how porting works? Check out our full guide - How to port your current phone number to OpenPhone

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