In business, things are constantly changing. Which means your email might too.
No problem! It's easy to link a different email to your OpenPhone account.

  1. Using a web browser, Log in to your OpenPhone account
  2. Go to your the Account settings
  3. Click the "Change" link
  4. Type the new email address (make sure it's not linked to an OpenPhone account yet), then click "Send Code". Make sure to check your "Spam" folder if you don't see the verification email in your main inbox.
  5. A 6-digit code will be sent to the new email. Enter that code to change the email address. 

Here's a quick visual to show you what that looks like:

That's it! Now you'll get your PIN pass, reset password link or other OpenPhone emails to your new email address.

There are rare cases where changing your email address won't work from the dashboard. Those include the following:

  1. The new email address is already linked to an OP account (you won't receive the code if this is the case)
  2. The new email cannot be verified

Not to worry! We have a solution for that. If you encounter issues with updating your email address, please contact support. 

We are happy to help!

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