If you're here, you may have more than 1 number. Congrats! More numbers mean you're growing and that's always a good sign.

Here, we show you how to keep those growing numbers organized. When you get a call, you know what number your clients are calling. This way, you can answer the call accordingly.

Also, this is useful if you're reassigning a number. You can label it to suit your new team member such as "Stephanie's Number". Or, whatever name that makes sense with your business needs.

How to name phone numbers on the web or Mac app

1. Open ⚙️"Settings" from the left-hand menu.

2. Under "Workspace", click "Phone Numbers".

3. Select the number you would like to name or rename.

4. In the "General" section, type in the name you'd like to change it to.

5. To the left of "Name", you can also add an emoji for your number.

6. Click the checkmark to save.

Change phone number name in the OpenPhone web or Mac app

How to name phone numbers on the iOS or Android app

1. Open the mobile app.

2. Click your account icon on the upper-left corner.

3. Tap "Manage" next to "Your numbers".

4. Select the number you would like to name or rename.

5. Click "Name".

6. Enter in a new name and then hit "Save" when you're done.

Change phone number name using the OpenPhone mobile app

Now you have different names for all the inboxes in your OpenPhone dashboard.

When you get an incoming call from the web or Mac app, you'll see that number's inbox name and emoji.

The emoji you select for a specific number will show with incoming calls to your mobile device. Here's what it looks like:

Emoji associated with an OpenPhone number displaying as an incoming call comes

That's it!

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