If you're here, you may have more than 1 number. Congrats! More numbers means you're growing and that's always a good sign.

Here, we show you how to keep those growing numbers organized. When you get a call, you know what number your clients are calling. This way, you can answer the call accordingly.

Also, this is useful if you're reassigning a number. You can label it to suit your new team member such as "Stephanie's Number". Or, whatever name that makes sense with your business needs.

Here's how to do it:

1 - Login to your Admin Dashboard here
2 - If you're not directed there automatically, select Phone Numbers from the menu on the left
3 - Click the number you would like to name or rename.
4 - Type in the name you'd like to change it to
5 - Hit "Enter" on your keyboard

Now you have different names for all the inboxes in your OpenPhone dashboard.

Here's how it looks on the web and Mac app:

Here's what it looks like on mobile:

That's it!

Ready to name all your OpenPhone numbers now? Hit that button below ⬇️

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