We hate convoluted phone bills from traditional carriers and pricing plans that require AP Calculus to understand.

So OpenPhone pricing is the opposite - transparent and fair.

First thing, our pricing is simple and affordable:

  • For our standard plan, each OpenPhone user is $10/user/mo. You can learn more about our standard plan here.
  • For our premium plan, each OpenPhone user is $25/user/mo. You can learn more about our premium plan here.
  • Each user comes with one phone number assignment. For each additional phone number assignment, it's $5 per month.
  • If you're adding a new number in the middle of your subscription period, we prorate the new number's charges. This way, you're not paying full price for only a partial subscription.

How can I manage my subscription?

Easy, from your web app billing dashboard. There you'll be able to see:

  • Upcoming invoices - see when and how much your next payment will be, no surprises, and a quick breakdown of your subscription(s)
  • Payment methods - see how you're paying and update the credit card you want to use to pay your invoices
  • Receipts - find your business documents for tax season all in one place. You can also download them right to your laptop.
  • Cancel subscription - as much as we don't want to see you go, we make it easy to cancel. We do hope to see you back, though!

How long is the subscription?

As long as you want it to be. Contracts can be hard to get out of, that's why we don't have them. We offer a monthly subscription as well as an annual option.

Send us a note if you'd like to switch to annual billing - [email protected]

How can I update my subscription?

If you're adding team members or adding a phone number, your subscription will automatically update in your billing dashboard. 

No need to reach out to customer support in order to add more to your subscription (unless you need us - we're always here to help!)

Have any inquires about billing or your subscription? Reach out to us - we are happy to help.

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