With OpenPhone you get a dedicated phone line exclusively for your business.ย 

Now, you can share that line with your team!ย 

On top of that, you'll have an unlimited amount team members and numbers with their own dedicated business line, too.ย 

OpenPhone Teams just changed the business number game ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Here are the details of the OpenPhone "Team" subscription

Key Features:

  • You get all the perks of the "Pro" plan, including unlimited talk, text and picture messaging (MMS) to any US and Canadian numbers for you and all your team members
  • Find the perfect local or 1-800 number to share with your teamย 
  • Email, Slack and CRM integrations
  • Record your calls on the web app at the touch of a button and save them to your computer for easy review of your business interactions

Key "Teams" Features:

  • You can forward your incoming OpenPhone calls to another team member
  • Record and manage a dedicated professional voicemail greeting for yourself, your shared business line and separate voicemail greetings for each of your team members
  • It's $15/per user on each shared number and $10 per user for each individual number covers unlimited talk & text and all features listed above
  • Full customer support via phone, text & emailย 

Not ready for teams, yet? Don't worry, we have plans for you, too. Visit our pricing page for more details and exciting features!

Are you considering OpenPhone and have further questions? Send us a note. We'd love to help!

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