What is a shared phone number? A shared number allows multiple people to call and text from a single phone number.

Why is this important? You can team up on customer communications with your team. Delegate tasks and responsibility among your team members and stay on the same page easily.

How can I use shared numbers?

There are many ways a shared phone number can be useful for you:

  • Support phone number
  • Inbound sales number
  • Main phone number for the company
  • Separate number for VIP customers that's shared by the founders
  • Being able to invite your assistant to your number to help respond to folks
  • Shared number for your office buzzer 🛎
  • Is there a use case you are excited about? Let us know

How does it work?

  1. When you get a call, the app rings for everyone. First person to pick up stops ringing for others. You can place concurrent calls so the number is never busy.
  2. All messages, voicemail and call history are synced so you know if a conversation was opened.
  3. Every message clearly shows the team member who sent it. 
  4. You can see when a team member is typing in a conversation. There's nothing worse than having two people send a customer different or double messages.
  5. Your business address book is shared with everyone sharing the number so if someone adds the name of a customer, all team members will have it on OpenPhone right away.

What's the pricing like?

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We've created it specifically to be affordable and grow with your needs.

  • Each OpenPhone user is $10 USD/ per month whether you're an owner, admin or a team member. When you add a new member to your account, they will also be an additional $10 USD/per month.
  • All additional numbers on the account is $5 USD/ per month.
  • If you're adding a new number in the middle of your subscription period, we prorate the new number's charges. This way, you're not paying full price for only a partial subscription.

You can learn more about what features are included in our plans on our Pricing page.

That's it! Ready to share your number with your team?

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