You can give multiple members in your company access to the same business phone number.

A shared phone number is like a shared email inbox, but for a phone number. With shared numbers, everyone assigned to the number can help answer calls, respond to texts, listen to voicemails, and so much more!

Here's how to do it:

1 - Go to Phone Numbers in your Admin Dashboard.
2 - Select the phone number you would like to share.
3 - Once selected, under "Members" click "Invite a Team Member".
4 - Search the name of your team member in the search bar or select them from the list. 

Didn't invite your team member to OpenPhone yet? That's okay! You can go ahead and do it right from there.

Your team member will either:

  • Get automatic access to that number if they are an existing OpenPhone user
  • Get an email invitation if they are not

In the first case, your team member can start calling and texting right away. 

In the second case, your team member will  be prompted to create an account. That only takes 30 seconds 😊

What's the pricing like?

Our pricing is simple. Our standard plan starts at $10/mo per user, and our premium plan is $25/user/mo. That includes sharing 1 phone number. Additional phone numbers are $5/mo per assignment.

For a detailed breakdown of our plans, please view our pricing page.

You can follow the same steps to un-assign a number from a team member:

1 - Go to Phone Numbers.
2 - Select the phone number you would like to un-assign from a team member.
3 - Under "Members" you'll see the team members assigned to this number.
4 - Click "Un-assign" next to the members you'd like to remove from the number.

If you'd like to learn more about how it works and get ideas for ways to use it, check out How do shared phone numbers work? ⤴️

It's that easy! Ready to share your number with your team? We can't blame you. 

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