With a shared number, some functions and settings only work depending on your shared number access.

Admins and members both have different superpowers in the OpenPhone app.

This means: 

  • Business hours settings can only be changed by the admin(s) of the account.
  • If a member tries to change the business hours, the change will not process
  • When business hours are setup on a shared number, those hours apple to all the team members who share that number.
  • If an individual team member is not scheduled to receive calls or texts during business hours, they can turn on the "Do-Not-Disturb" feature.

Why is it setup this way?

With shared numbers, you have more than 1 user answering calls and messages

  • Having multiple users with the same access can get confusing if they were all able to change the business hours.
  • With only admin access to business hours, one (or more admins) have control over when that phone number takes calls.
  • This ensures consistency with the business hours among the whole team

Soon, we will have business hours for individual team members on shared numbers. That means team members can set it up so they only get calls within a certain time, IE. the day shift, while another team member takes calls in the afternoon. 

Stay tuned!

If you're an owner or admin, you can set up business hours for your shared number by following the steps here.

Here's how it looks in the Web and iOS apps!

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