Recording your calls is easy in the OpenPhone web app and just requires the click of 1 button.

Why record your calls?

  • No need to notes during an important call and distract yourself and the person you're talking to. Call recording captures all the important details¬†
  • It's easier to stay 100% focused on what your client or customer is saying by having the peace of mind you can go back to it later.
  • Improve the efficiency of your team members by using sample calls as training to enhance the customer experience.
  • Call and voice recording can serve as a verbal contract between yourself and a client or a customer dispute

How does it work?

  • Record your calls with the touch of the "recording" button in the app dialler
  • Start and stop recording any time, as many times as you need, during the call. This way, you can record the entire call or just a snippet or two.
  • All recorded audio will be available in the conversation screen right after you finish recording. Go back and listen whenever.¬†
  • Download the call recording(s) right to your computer from the web app.
  • If you have a shared phone number for your team, call recordings will be available to everyone with access to that number.

Here's a visual of how this looks from the web app:

Here's a visual of how it looks from the Android app:

Important note: You must notify the person you're talking to that you'd like to record the call before you start recording. You'll be on the right side of the law when you give them the opportunity to opt-out of having the conversation recorded.

Don't want to hit record everytime? The turn on the "auto-record" feature.

1 - Go to the Phone Numbers page in the dashboard
2 - Select the phone number where you want all the calls to be recorded (your team's shated number, for example)
3 - Scroll down, and hit the "auto-record all calls" switch

That's it!

PS - Don't have the app yet? Get it today and start making and recording calls right away. 

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