Sometimes, you need to do a little switch-a-roo - same applies to phone numbers on your OpenPhone account.

Your team members may change roles or projects, or move on to different endeavors so you want to be able to add and remove number access for them.

Assigning and re-assigning phone numbers is easy. Here we'll show you how to do it.

Please note only admins and account owners have access to this setting.

What happens when I assign a number?

  • The team member you've assigned the phone number to will see it in their OpenPhone app and will be able to use it immediately
  • The new team member will be able to see any of the previous owners' conversations, call history, or voicemail. No conversation data with be deleted. (Doesn't work for you? Send us a note and we can help)
  • As the admin, you have control over the phone number and can re-assign it, delete it, etc.

How to assign a phone number:

  1. Go to Phone Numbers in your web app
  2. Click the number you would like to assign, re-assign, or un-assign
  3. Hit the "Change" option beside the phone number owner
  4. Select the new team member on the list. This person will be assigned to this number going forward
  5. That's it!

Here is a preview of what this looks like:

Bonus: You can name and rename your phone number from the same "Phone Numbers" page in the web app.

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