"Thanks for calling Johnson Inc. For English press 1, for Spanish press 2."

That automated voice guiding you via menu options is called an auto-attendant. Many refer to it also as a virtual receptionist, automated attendant, phone menu, phone tree, etc.

You can add it to your OpenPhone number to route calls to your colleagues.

Here's how to set up an auto-attendant on OpenPhone

1 - Navigate to Phone Numbers in your Admin Dashboard ⤴️

2 - Select the phone number you'd like to add a phone menu/auto-attendant to

3 - Scroll down to the Phone Menu section

4 - Click to enable the Phone Menu

1) Set a greeting message. This is what callers hear when calling your phone number.

2) Set phone menu options for keypad & voice commands.

You have 3 options here:

1 - Forward to an OpenPhone number. Forward calls to another OpenPhone number in your organization - it can be either a direct number of one of your colleagues or a shared phone number belonging to a group of people.

2 - Forward to an outside phone number. Forward calls to any US or Canadian phone number.

3 - Let the call through. Calls will come through to all members of the phone number. If you're the only person with access to the number, you'll receive calls. If you have a team sharing access to the number, everyone will receive calls.

If you want to get an additional OpenPhone number to direct callers to, you can add one here.

3) Click Save so that your phone menu settings are saved

What's the pricing like?

The pricing remains the same - $10/mo per user and $5/mo for an extra number.

If you're routing calls to, say, 3 team members, that's $30 + $5 = $35/mo

If you're letting calls come through the phone menu, that's $10/mo (no additional cost)

Auto-attendant FAQs:

Q: Is it possible to route menu options to external (non-OpenPhone) numbers?

A: Not yet. Stay tuned :)

Q: How many extensions can we get on OpenPhone?

A: You can get up to 10 extensions for menu items 0 - 9. We don't support 2-digit and 3-digit extensions at this time (eg. ext 101)

Q: Can I text an IVR phone number? Who'll receive that text?

A: Yes, you can! Everyone set as a member of the phone number will be able to get and receive messages coming into it. Here's how to see who's a member of a phone number 👇

Q: Who'll be able to call out of the IVR phone number?

A: Everyone set as a member of the phone number will be able to make calls out of that number.

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