You can quickly import a large number of contacts into OpenPhone using a .csv file, without the need to manually add your contacts one by one. You can even upload detailed information about your contacts like their address, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, company or group they belong to, and much more.

Since OpenPhone contacts come with custom properties, you're able to upload any information you care about to your OpenPhone contacts.

1 - Preparing your CSV file

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before uploading your CSV file:

  1. Make sure every column has a heading so that you can map it to an OpenPhone custom property. If you have a column with data you'd like to import, make sure to add a custom property to your OpenPhone contacts to store that data.

  2. First Name and Last Name should be divided into separate columns.

  3. Include the country code (like +1 for the USA and Canada) in phone numbers for consistency. Currently, OpenPhone doesn't support calling and messaging phone numbers outside of the US and Canada, so the formatting of international phone numbers might be an issue. Please send us a note if this is impacting you.

  4. Extra columns and rows must be deleted, including blank columns and rows.

  5. For best performance, we recommend uploading up to 3,000 rows in a single upload.


Here's an example of a CSV file we can upload:

We've also created a CSV file template for you to help you get started:

Get the template

Feel free to make a copy of it and use it to work with your own data.

Once you're done working with your Google Sheet, download it as a CSV file.

2 - Uploading your CSV file

Now that you have a CSV file, uploading it to OpenPhone is the easiest part.

Step 1 - Upload your CSV file

  • Go to your OpenPhone Contacts in the web app

  • Click on Import

  • Select a .csv file from your computer

Step 2 - Map fields in your CSV file to OpenPhone

In the sample CSV file above, column C (Phone number) should be mapped to the phone number property in OpenPhone. This type of mapping is rather simple so OpenPhone is smart enough to give you that option by default.

For more complicated mapping, say column J (Browser), you'll need to create a custom property on OpenPhone first to store that data.

If needed, create new custom properties for your OpenPhone contacts to capture all the data you'd like to upload.

Step 3 - Complete the import

That's it! You'll be able to name this import for better reference in the future and complete the upload.

Now, you can see all your imported contacts in the Imported tab.

From here, you can select all contacts and do a Bulk Share so that your colleagues have these contacts in their OpenPhone address book. You can also do a Bulk Delete by selecting all contacts or the one's you'd liked removed and hitting "Delete All"

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