Unable to immediately respond to missed calls or voicemails? Or maybe you're receiving calls and texts after your business hours? With auto-replies, you can automatically respond with a text message to keep in touch with those who contacted you.

Auto-replies are a great way to respond to missed calls or voicemails left during business hours. They can also help set expectations for calls and messages received outside of your business hours.

Want to set up auto-replies for your business? Here's how:

Setting up auto-replies from the web app or Mac app

1. Click "Settings" ⚙️ on the left-hand menu.

2. Under "Workspace", select "Phone Numbers". If you have multiple phone numbers, be sure to select the number that you want to set up auto-replies on.

3- Scroll to the Auto-Replies section and set up your auto-replies.

The auto-replies menu in OpenPhone

What can I use auto-replies for?

During business hours:

  • Missed calls

  • Missed voicemails

Outside of business hours:

  • Missed calls received after hours

  • Missed voicemails received after hours

  • Text messages received after hours

Please note: we don't send an automated message to the same number more than once every 3 hours. So if your customer calls you 5 times in a 3-hour period, we only send one message, not 5. This way, your customers won't be annoyed by automated messages. :)

Need inspiration or examples of auto-replies? We've got you covered.

Note: You can only set up auto-replies in the web or Mac app

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