We strive to be clear and transparent with our cancellation and refund policies. We put together this guide to cover these policies. For more information, please view our Terms of Service.

Canceling Your OpenPhone Subscription:

If you would like to cancel your OpenPhone subscription you can do so by following the steps here. You will not be refunded for any time remaining on your subscription and your account will remain active until your next billing date.

If you cancel your subscription, we will hold your number for you for no less than fourteen (14) days, at which point we may release your number.

If you'd like to port your number away from OpenPhone to another service, please let us know and we will hold onto the number for you throughout the porting process. You can learn more about porting out your OpenPhone number here.

Missed/Failed Payment:

In the case of a missed or failed payment, we will attempt to charge the card on file five (5) times before canceling your subscription. You will receive a follow-up email and text message from us notifying you of the missed payment.

If you'd like to keep your account active but are unable to make a payment, please let us know immediately. In certain cases, we'll be able to freeze your subscription for up to three (3) months.

Failure to update your billing will result in your subscription being canceled. We will hold your number for no less than fourteen (14) days, at which point we may release your number. While your subscription is inactive, you will receive all missed calls, texts, and voicemails up until the point that your number is released. During this time, you will not be able to make calls or send text messages.

If you'd like to restart your subscription, please tap on the "Subscription Expired" message and follow the steps to restart your subscriptions. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Violation of Terms of Service:

If your account is found to have violated our Terms of Service, we will cancel your account and we will not be issuing you a refund.

Refund Policy:

Given the cost to maintain your account and phone number, we're unable to offer any refunds. We want users to be completely satisfied with using OpenPhone, so we may make exceptions in some cases.

If you would like to request a credit for a refund, you should email us at [email protected]. Please note that if you subscribed via the iOS App Store we are unable to offer a refund directly, and you'll need to request a refund through them.

Note: we will never make exceptions in cases in which the user has violated our Terms of Service.

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