Tired of switching messaging platforms to contact your teammates? You can now easily tell if your teammates are online and send them a message all within the OpenPhone app.

Direct messaging is currently only available in the Mac or web app

To set your status

Setting your status is a great way to let your teammates know what you're working on and whether you're available.

To set your status, click on your name/picture icon in the top left corner. From here, you can Set yourself as away or online Update your status to share with the team what you're doing.

To view your team's status

Likewise, you can view your teams status to quickly know whether they are online or what they're working on.

On the left-hand-side underneath the "Team" section, you can see the teammates in your organization. If your teammates are online, they will have the green bubbled filled on their picture icon. To view their status, hover over the emoji next to their name.

Sending a direct message

To send a message, click directly on the teammates name. From here, you can communicate using the same interface that we use for texting.

If you have received a direct message, you'll receive a message notification to the right of the teammate that you're conversing with.

Are your teammates not currently using OpenPhone? Invite them to OpenPhone by following the steps here.

Note: We currently only offer 1-to-1 direct messaging. We plan to offer group direct messaging in a future release.

Not currently using OpenPhone? Sign-up today and a check out how easy it is to direct message your teammates.

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