By connecting your OpenPhone account with Zapier, you can connect your phone with thousands of applications.

We'll show you how to get started and what's possible. But first, let's go over a brief overview of Zapier. If you're a Zapier pro, you can skip the next bit.

What's Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that connects to and moves information between different applications you use.

So instead of manually copying and pasting information between spreadsheets and your email marketing tool, for example, you can create Zapier workflows (or zaps) to do that work automatically. Neat, eh?

Every zap has a trigger and an action:

  • A trigger is an event that you’re waiting for in order to execute a workflow.
  • An action is an event Zapier performs after the workflow is triggered.

Zapier connects with 2,000+ tools. This means that there’s an infinite number of workflows you can create.

How do I get access to the OpenPhone Zapier integration?

Our Zapier integration is in private beta. You can request early access here 👇

Once you've been given early access, you can connect OpenPhone to your Zapier account by following these steps.

1 - Click on the activation link in your email

2 - Accept the invite and build a zap ⚡️

3 - Go ahead and build your first OpenPhone zap

You'll be able to see OpenPhone both as a trigger and as an action

4 - Sign in to OpenPhone via Zapier

5 - That's it!

What's possible with the OpenPhone Zapier integration?

Here are the triggers and actions that are available in OpenPhone.


  • Incoming message received. Triggers when you receive a message on OpenPhone.
  • Outgoing message delivered. Triggers when an outbound message was delivered to the recipients.
  • Incoming call completed. Triggers when an incoming call is completed. If the call is not picked up by you, the answeredAt field will be null. If the user leaves a voicemail, you will get the recording and transcription on the same object.
  • Outgoing call completed. Triggers when an outgoing call has ended.


  • Create or update contact. Creates a contact or updates an existing contact.
  • Send a message. Sends a new message via OpenPhone.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are a couple of examples of zaps we use ourselves.

  • When someone fills out a Typeform survey, we add them to our OpenPhone address book and then send them a confirmation text message.
  • When you register for our live demo, we send you a message via OpenPhone.

What's the pricing like?

  • Zapier integration is a part of the Standard plan on OpenPhone.
  • All triggers described here are already included in the OpenPhone Standard plan.
  • Create or update contact action is included in the OpenPhone Standard plan as well.
  • If you're interested in sending automated messages via Zapier, there will be an additional charge of $0.01/per message sent. Please note: while the Zapier integration is in beta, this is free for folks with early access. 🤗

Excited to get started?

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