Did you ever get a call while being on another call? Or while in the middle of something? Outright rejecting feels rude, but you can't answer, so what do you do?

OpenPhone allows you to use text messages to reject incoming calls. Rather than simply dismissing a call, you can use the tab at the bottom of the incoming call screen to display a list of text message replies.

The best part? If you've set up your OpenPhone status, we automatically generate a text message reply that's tailored to what you're up to.

Say you're "On a call". No problem, here is what options you'll have:

You can also type a custom, personal message to the caller.

What happens to the caller who gets rejected with a text message?

Well, 2 things:

  1. Once you reject the call, the caller will go to voicemail

  2. And since you're sending a pre-defined text message, they'll receive it right away

This functionality is currently available on the web & desktop. Update your app and enjoy!

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