In the event that you would like to export your account information before canceling your subscription and closing down your account, you can request for your data to be exported.

You will need to contact our Support team in order to export your account data. You cannot do this on your own at this time.

When you request an account data export, we will provide you with the following data:

  • Conversation history for your phone number(s) including calls and messages

  • Contacts

How to export your OpenPhone account information

Step 1

Send an email to our Support Team with the subject line “Account data export request for {Company name}”. You must have owner or admin permissions for the account you’re asking to export.

Step 2

Our Support team will confirm you are the owner or admin on the account.

Step 3

We will acknowledge your data export request within 72 hours and let you know once we have the export file ready.

If you would like to permanently delete your information from OpenPhone after the export is done, please follow the instructions here.

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