What's deep linking?

Deep links are the types of links that send users directly to specific in-app locations, saving users the time spent locating particular pages themselves.

Say you want to allow your users to navigate from your app to make a phone call or send a text message from OpenPhone. Here we'll share how to make it possible and how to set up deep links.

Dialing a phone number


<number> - required parameter. A URL-encoded phone number string.

Examples for formats "4107934326" and "+14107934326":


You can also add an optional parameter action=call . When you pass this parameter, the call will be dialed right away. If you don't pass this parameter, users will have to confirm they really want to dial the number.

Here is a sample link that dials the number and starts the call right away:


Drafting a message


<number> - optional. A URL-encoded phone number string.

<text> - optional. A URL-encoded message body

<attachments> - optional. One or more URL-encoded URLs to files on the web, separated with a comma. URLs should terminate with a concrete file extension, such as ".jpg" or ".pdf"

Example 1:


Example 2:


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