Is one of your team members no longer working with you? Or maybe they don't need to use their OpenPhone account or number anymore? No problem!

Any owner or admin on your OpenPhone account can easily remove them from your account.

How to remove a team member

1 - Log into the web app

2 - Navigate to the members section in your organization's settings

3 - Click "Remove" next to the member(s) you would like to remove from your account

That's it!

Please note:

  • When a user is removed from the account, a pro-rated credit for the time remaining is automatically applied to your next invoice

  • Any numbers, snippets, or contacts that belong to the team member who has been removed are re-assigned to the account owner

Want to invite team member to your OpenPhone account? Check out our help article on How to Invite Team Members to OpenPhone

Are you facing any issues with removing a member or have further questions? Send us a note. We'd love to help!

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