You had a conversation with a new customer and added them as a contact, but then someone else on your team chatted with them and saved them as a separate contact. You can now merge those contacts on OpenPhone using our web or Mac app.

Merge contacts on the web or Mac app

When you have duplicate contacts in OpenPhone saved by accident, select the phone number under “Inboxes” that contains a conversation with your contact (if you have more than one phone number under your account).

If there is a conversation associated with at least one of the duplicate contacts, you’ll see a dropdown menu that says “Other matching contacts found” with their contact information. Click into the “Other matching contacts found” menu and select “Merge contacts”.

merge contacts in OpenPhone

Note: You’ll need to select an active conversation with a contact to see the merge option. If there isn’t a conversation associated with either contact, you can simply delete the duplicate contact. Copy and paste over any notes or properties that don’t already exist on the other contact. If you hover to the right of any property, you’ll see the option to copy.

Copy contact on OpenPhone

Keep in mind also both existing contacts have to contain the same phone number for you to be able to see the merge contacts option.

Let us know if you’d like us to prioritize adding this feature to our mobile apps by sending us a note at [email protected].

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