If you already have a phone number you'd like to use with OpenPhone, we'd be happy to port it for you for free.

Here are the 2 things we need to get started:

  1. Your latest phone bill for the phone number you'd like to port. You can simply forward it to support@openphone.co 
  2. Fill out and sign a quick form authorizing us to port your number to OpenPhone. We'll send you this form so you can sign it digitally - no need to print and scan!

That's it!

Want to learn more about how the porting process works?

These are the steps involved:

  1. You send us your latest phone bill with your current provider and give us permission to port through the form you sign
  2. We submit these documents to your current provider and negotiate a port date
  3. Once we hear back, we inform you of the port date and the 1-hour window when the port will happen
  4. On the port date we make your phone number available in your OpenPhone account. As soon as the number is ported, it's available in the OpenPhone app so there's no interruption to your service
  5. Once the number is ported successfully you can cancel your account with your current provider

This process takes anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks and depends on how fast we hear back from your carrier. 

Have more questions about your specific situation? Send us a message and we'll assist!

Ready to port? Send us your latest phone bill to support@openphone.co and we'll get to work. 💪

Don't have an OpenPhone number yet? Get started for free today!

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