Sometimes you might need to forward your OpenPhone calls to another phone number. 

Perhaps you're going on vacation and your partner or team member will be answering calls while you're away 🌴

Setting up forwarding is very easy! 

  • Open the app. Tap on your account image and then your OpenPhone number
  • Tap on Forward 
  • Enter the phone number you'd like to send incoming calls to 
  • You're done! When you tap on your account now you'll see that calls coming into your OpenPhone number are being forwarded to a different number you've entered

Forwarding to US, Canadian and toll-free phone numbers is supported. If you'd like to forward to an international number, please email our support team or call / text us at 1 855 764 6304

If you'd like to stop forwarding calls, tap on "Forward" inside your account and delete the number you previously entered. 

That's it! Enjoy OpenPhone 🙌

PS - Don't have the app yet? Get it today and experience the power of OpenPhone for your business

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